GFS LA holding a Zoom series gathering our members from around the diocese.

GFS responds to COVID-19 impact on girls

GFS-LA has gone on many outings together – camp, beach parties and rally days. Now we are staying at home due to COVID-19, but to respond to the current needs of our girls, we have a new online event – Fly Away with GFS!

Our skilled GFS-LA leaders are holding a 3 weekend Zoom series to help girls acknowledge, evaluate and address their social, emotional, spiritual and physical needs during the stay-at-home orders.  Each meeting involves activities such as dancing, spiritual devotion, teaching and a chance for girls to share ideas and talk. 

Girls got involved right away, chatting on the sidebar, waving to each other, sharing feelings and joining in the dancing. This is an evolving activity as we all get used to a different format.  Next meeting is May 23, grab your ticket contact [email protected]!



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