The Supplies for Success Scholarship Award was established by the Diocesan Board of GFS Los Angeles in 2021 to assist members in grades K-12 with school supply costs. The amount of each award will be determined annually by the Committee and will depend on the number of applicants. The current award amount is capped at $75 per student.

The scholarship award is for the recipient to use towards the cost of school supplies at a K-12 educational institution approved by the State of California, including public, private, charter, and home school operations. Award payments are limited to school-sized backpacks and those items listed on a published supply list from the applicant’s educational institution and is not authorized to cover items outside of those lists. Please contact the Committee for exceptions where published supply lists are not available.

Applications are due by June 25, 2021. The Committee will decide the awards by July 15, 2021, and applicants will be notified of the award decisions in July.

 The award recipients must email their published school supply list and receipts for the supplies they purchased for the school year to the Committee Chairperson by September 30 for award payment.  Checks will be sent by October 15, 2021. If an award recipient does not submit a reimbursement request on time or does not use the entire award, the unused balance of the award will revert back to the Scholarship Fund. Awards do not carry forward.

An applicant must be a current GFS member in good standing. The applicant must be part of a branch in good standing. Applications will be scored based on the responses provided and each applicant’s work in furthering the GFS motto: “Bear ye one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ”.

Applications are available here.