Pumpkin Pie MakingMake pumpkin pies at your branch meeting just before Thanksgiving! If you use frozen pie crusts and canned pumpkin, the project will be as easy as – you guessed it – pie!

The girls learn basic cooking skills – using a can opener, cracking eggs, measuring ingredients, following a recipe, and working together. They can easily master this recipe and be proud of the results. Our family secret is to using heaping spoonfuls of the spices.

Since pies take about 50 minutes to cook, have the girls mix up their pies at the beginning of the meeting, even before snack. Everything will be done and ready to go home at the end of the meeting. Mom and Dad will be so happy to have a fresh pie either for dinner or perhaps for the Thanksgiving meal!

Tip: type out the directions from the back of the can and enlarge so the girls can read the directions more easily.

Yum, yum, yum!!!!