GFS-USA National Council

GFS-USA is the parent organization for the United States. It supports all members of the Girls Friendly Society with leadership and resources. It acts as liaison between GFS branches in the United States and the world-wide GFS organization. The president of GFS-USA is a delegate to GFS World Council and votes on business matters for the world wide organization.

Every three years, GFS USA hosts a National Assembly. Girls aged 12 and up are eligible to participate.  This weeklong meeting combines fun, fellowship and business. Girls and Leaders are given an opportunity to grow and meet new people around the country. The most recent assembly will be this July in Connecticut.  Girls aged 15-17 are eligible to attend National Assembly as junior delegates and this experience allows them to apply to attend World Council.

In addition to travel and leadership experience, GFS USA distributes an annual Book Scholarship which benefits college aged girls who have been involved in GFS activities for the past two years. This scholarship can be used by winners for reimbursement of expenses for books while in college. Information regarding eligibility and deadlines is available at the GFS USA website.

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