If your child is already on track to compete in the Olympics or go on a tour as a world class entertainer, then they should skip GFS camp and focus on their art or sport. Otherwise, consider your child’s whole self and show her that balance is important in her life.

GFS Camp offers girls and leaders an opportunity to “unplug” from the here and now and focus on the eternal. Blue skies during the day and glittering stars at night help them see their place in the world.

Having raised 5 daughters who participated in highly competitive extra-curricular activities, I know the pressure from coaches and teachers to never miss a class and never skip a game. But remember, coaches must say this in order to get the best participation possible. Surely, they can already see which kids are destined to play in the World Cup and which ones are learning a useful skill and enjoying a rewarding activity, but nevertheless, it is just for fun.

Responsibility to the team is certainly a life skill that should be taught, but consider also teaching the value of putting Jesus Christ and one’s church community as number one in your child’s life. In good times and bad, your church community will pray for you, support you and treat you with respect.

Send your daughter to GFS camp and support the leaders that are giving their time because they value the eternal. Registration forms are available on the Forms You will Need page in the Leaders Section of this website.

See you at Camp! from Margaret Nolde


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