Frequently Asked Questions

To encourage programming for girls in the neighboring community of an Episcopal church in the Diocese of Los Angeles.

The primary goal of a program funded by this grant should be to create a community for girls and/or young women (through high school graduation) to find friendships and develop supportive relationships.

The grant committee welcomes all proposals for programs which respond directly to the needs of girls in the neighboring community of the church. Programs might include, but are not limited to:

  • Emotional Support and Mentorship
  • Deepening of Spiritual and Ethical Practices
  • Leadership Skill Development
  • Personal Development through Community Service and/or Activism
  • Enhancement of Life Skills in order to Navigate and Succeed in the 21st Century
  • Physical or Other Skill Building Activities
  1. Canvas community leaders and the community to understand needs
  2. Research successful programs for girls in similar communities
  3. Develop program ideas that meet the girls “where they are”
  4. Ask girls for input

GFS requests the applicants to select an age group within the range from kindergarten through high school graduation.

No. The program must include regularly schedule in-person meetings.

The program should serve a workable core number of participants.

The applicant must be an Episcopal church (parish or mission) in the Diocese of Los Angeles. The applicant must have adequate insurance and policies and procedures (Safe Church Training, fingerprinting, etc.) in place to provide the protections required by the Diocese of Los Angeles. The Program Leader must be associated with, or enjoy the recommendation of, a church within the Los Angeles Diocese of the Episcopal Church. The church vouches for and takes responsibility for the Program Leader, including background checks and Safe Church Training for all leaders.

  • Creative programs which meet the Primary Goal
  • Program Leader and staff compensation
  • Curriculum, materials, supplies
  • GFS Grant funds cannot be used to pay general parish costs (rent, utilities, etc.).
  • Current Sunday School programs or any other existing program
  • Compensation already in place for existing positions or roles of church staff, part-time staff or any other church employees or consultants
  • Programs that lack a component to nurture spiritual and ethical growth, compassion and responsibility
  • Programs that cannot be completed within the two-year Grant Activity Period
  • Programs with less than a workable core number of participants

No. GFS provides programs on its website which are geared for Episcopal girls and those who are at ease with faith-focused programs. This grant is intended to encourage new and different programs, whatever they might be, which will help girls’ personal development in a new way.

If an existing GFS branch is in need of financial support, the branch should apply directly to the board of GFS-LA.

  1.  Submit a Letter of Intent (LOI), maximum of 2 pages, signed by a vestry/bishop’s committee member, by the stated deadline. The LOI must include:
    • A description of the personal development program, including planned activities and curriculum (if any) to be used
    • An explanation of how the program will meet the Program Goal listed above
    • The age group to be served, within the range from kindergarten through high school graduation
    • A description of the Program Leader’s role and the name of the prospective Program Leader, if available, along with a description of the Program Leader’s experience with youth
    • A description of other staffing (paid, volunteer, quantity, skills)
    • A description of the site and space for the program (at the church, off-site, classroom, outdoor space, etc.)
    • An overview budget
  2. Provide a Letter of Support (LOS) from the rector/vicar of the church, outlining the need for the program, the resources the church can provide, and the desired impact of the program.
  3. Provide contact information of applicant and rector/vicar

Email all documents in PDF form to [email protected]

The GFS Grant Committee will review all LOIs received and notify the applicants whether they are approved to move forward in the process.

● A detailed two-year plan (monthly or quarterly) of the program including activities and curriculum (if any) to be used
● A detailed explanation of how the program meets the Program Goal
● A description of the spiritual component of the overall program and at each meeting
● The Program Leader’s name and resume and that person’s relationship to the church
● An explanation of how the program will provide a safe, healthy, and appropriate environment for girls and comply with Diocesan Safe Church Policies and Insurance Requirements
• An explanation regarding the choice of the age group to be served, within the range from kindergarten through high school graduation
● The program should include regularly scheduled in-person meetings and a description of the length and style of the program meetings
● Description of location and space for the program
● The amount of financial resources the church will provide for the program
● Proposed schedule and milestones for funding
● A description of how the program will be funded to become a self-sustaining program after the end of the Grant Period

As part of the work of the Grant Committee, resources which the church is able to provide will be discussed. It is expected that the applicant church will provide resources according to its ability, up to matching the amount of the GFS Grant.

1. An Episcopal church in the Diocese of Los Angeles submits a Letter of Intent (LOI) and a Letter of Support (LOS)to apply for the Grant.
2. The GFS Grant Committee reviews materials received to determine which applicants will move to Step 3.
3. A Full Grant Application will be requested by the GFS Grant Committee of LOI applicants that are approved to move forward in the process.
4. The Grant Applicant(s) meet with the GFS Grant Committee.
5. The GFS Grant Committee selects the Grantee(s)
6. The GFS Grant Committee works with the Grantee to determine agreed-upon milestones for funding and to discuss the financial support the Grant Applicant (church) will provide.
7. Final agreements and acceptance of Grant by both the Grant Applicant and the GFS Grant Committee.
8. Grant funding will occur based on the agreed-upon milestones.

It is the intention of the Grant Committee to have final agreement(s) in place with the recipient(s) in order to announce awards in mid-June.

This is a pilot program of GFS-LA. GFS-LA reserves the right to determine how many grants will be made in any year and the amount of each grant according to the judgement of the Grant Committee.

Amount and timing of funding will be determined based on agreement between the recipient church and the Grant Committee.

Please contact the Grant Committee Chair at [email protected].