In a scene of Light in the Piazza, Clara admonishes lovers to fight for the one they love. Even though another woman is tempting her new husband away from her, Clara fights to keep the  man she loves. She says everyone should fight to keep their true love.

I saw this show almost 10 years ago, once. That scene comes back to me now and then. Do we fight for the ones we love, or do we prefer to be a victim and let them slip away while we cry with self-righteous anger and indignation? We act as if we can’t help that they are gone. Did we really try? Did we try again, and again, and again?

I encourage you to keep seeking after the youth of our church and not to give in when other activities and interests seek their time and energy. Doesn’t the Good Shepherd seek after the lamb that has wandered away? Maybe the lamb saw an interesting flower or blade of grass somewhere else. Does He just give in? No! The Good Shepherd is tireless in seeking the lamb that wandered away.

Energize your efforts to hold on to the young people in your church and don’t give in to the discouragement. Are you not stronger than that? I believe that we must continue to seek bring the love of God to young people. One of the ways we can do that is by continually seeking them and inviting them to join GFS.

-Margaret Nolde