Green Level Badge Program

The badges of this level are designed for 7-11 year old girls. The early life of Jesus, Christian symbolism (the fish, the cross, and the candle), personal virtues (honesty and self-awareness), and the practice of prayer are taught at this level. There are 12 badges in the green level, which takes approximately 3 years to complete.

Welcome to the Green Level– Explains the basics of GFS and the green level.

Green Level Ribbon Requirements – A list of things you need to do to earn the Green Ribbon.

Click each badge to download the badge information. Para las traducciones al español están disponibles aquí.

Fish 2Manger.single.usable 3Candle.single.usable 4Heart.single.usable 5ChurchFlag.single.usable 10Star.single.usable 9StFrancis.single.usable 8LatinCross.single.webquality 7Bowl.single.usable 6Discovery 11Celebration.single.usable 12PrayerGreen.single.usable