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Mission, Motto and Prayer

Bless our friendship circle, may it grow and grow.


The mission of Girls Friendly Society is to provide a  program to support the growth and development of girls within the Episcopal Church. Members accept the Christian faith and seek  to serve God and extend his kingdom through fellowship, worship, study, service, and play .


Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens and so Fulfill the Law of Christ  Galatians 6:2    Since 1877, members of GFS have supported each other as they grow in Christ by meeting together in God’s love, studying the Bible, and serving their church and community.

GFS Prayer

O Lord, Our Heavenly Father, we beseech Thee to Bless us
and all who belong to the Girls’ Friendly Society.

Strengthen and protect us by thy Fatherly love,
and vouchsafe to us the guidance of Thy Holy Spirit.

Help us all to bear one another’s burdens and to live,
not for ourselves but for others,
as members of one family in Christ.

Cleanse us from our sins,
make us holy by the indwelling of The Holy Spirit,
and bring us all at last to the joy of thy heavenly kingdom,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Friendship Circle Hymn

This song is sung at the end of every meeting. The members, leaders and parents form a circle, holding hands crossed in front of each other and sing:

Bless our friendship circle, may it grow and grow,
Blessing all within it, as we homeward go.
(Sing to tune of Hymn #42, 1982 Hymnal)


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