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Programs for Girls

Programs for Girls

Check out our Programs for Girls!

There are two basic programs for girls in GFS, the Badge Program and Diocesan Events.

Badge Program

GFS Girls Wearing Badge Vests

Girls Wearing Badge Vests

The badge program provides structure and a record of achievement for the girls. The four levels of badges – Blue, Green, Red and Purple – teach about the Bible, Christian behavior, and Episcopal traditions. The girls can also earn badges for community service and for participating in church life, such as being an acolyte. The girls proudly wear vests to display the badges they earn.



Diocesan Events

GFS Rally Day 2009

GFS events are open to all girls, age 5 and up. These events are usually fun, retreat-like days such as Rally Day in the Fall, Not So Quiet Day in the Spring, and a beach party in the Summer. GFS camp weekend is held in the Fall for GFS members.

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